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Satisfied Customers


Cyndi from Greenwood, IN
Service Performed: 8/30/2015

I had to have my dad’s roof checked out after noticing a couple areas that were sinking in. John Peters Roofing was recommended and John was great to work with. He was honest and up front. He worked around issues with time and the job was done as discussed. Upon inspection, it was found that the decking was rotting. The decking and shingles were replaced and then realized the gutters were also falling apart in several areas. New gutters were also installed. The job was done in a timely manner, area cleaned up afterwards, and roof looked great. Noticed that there was still some sag in the previous areas so the construction of the roof was checked and realized the support beams were weak. This too was repaired and job finally completed. Really happy with the results.

Christian from Greenwood, IN
Service Performed: 5/28/2015

Replaced roof. Work was done professionally, in timely fashion, clean up was wonderful. No problems at all. Thank you.

Julie and John from Greenwood, IN
Service Performed: 5/7/15

Jared Peters truly "went the second mile" in getting accurate insurance coverage for our Hail Damaged roof, gutters and downspouts. He was at our home with the insurance adjuster, pointing out damaged areas that were missed by the adjuster. Roofers worked from 7:15am to 9:30pm on the first day and from 8am to 12noon on the second day in order to finish the roof. Although gutters and downspouts are yet to be replaced (working with insurance company), we have utmost confidence in John Peters Roofing. We highly recommend their services in this regard.

Laura from Noblesville, IN
Service Performed: 5/4/15

Peters Roofing installed new gutters and downspouts on our house and I was very pleased with the results of the new gutters and downspouts. They walked through the layout of their design to match up with our needs and preferences. The foreman was very attentive and punctual with completing our project in less than 2 days. I really enjoyed working with them from start to finish.

Randy from Greenwood
Service Performed: 1/13/15

John Peters Roofing did a wonderful job for us. They replaced the entire roof including tear-off and replacing not only the shingles but the underlay and using a membrane instead of the typical tar-paper. | |They also replaced siding on one entire side of the house and the same type of service, they put up a house wrap material as they went which I had tried to get the original builder to do but to no avail. Wonderful crew and they lined everything up and matched it perfectly. | |During the siding replacement I had asked for a trim panel to be removed above my garage and the siding be put in it's place. During the removal it was discovered that the header was rotted beyond repair. Well, John worked with me and they completed the job which is much better than the original, trust me I had the place built and the replacement materials are much better. | |Lastly came the gutters and again, everyone is courteous and timely. They were done with the entire house in just over four hours and they replaced everything. They went up in size from the typical 4" to a 6" based on rainfall volumes and slope. Well, since the install we have had snow, ice and rain and there have been no jams, no leaks no anything except a product that works as promised. | |John Peters came to my house several times and he was always professional, never talked down to us and never tried to up-sell me. Best company I have ever used for this type of repair and yes I will use them again, I have a few projects coming up... :-) Great job, great crew and I highly recommend them to anyone needing repair work done to your home.

Julie from Indianapolis
Service Performed 6/5/14

He did our last roof that’s on the house now and gutters so he’ll be doing it again if it’s all approved by the insurance. He is the only one I trust. He is a good guy. I referred him to all of neighbors. There was no replacement yet and he said it might be a good idea to let the adjuster to go ahead and look. One good thing he said was even there is no actual visual damage, we are on tear from the rough were going through the hailstorm. It just makes with age. John has been probably on every house in this neighborhood at one time or another. He grew up in the neighborhood with my older brothers and I’ve known him to be a roofer ever since I was walking. I figured with that much experience, we trust him fully. He has a couple of his sons that worked with him and he has several crews when there are many houses in here that were damaged. He also did a roof two years ago for us. He has got to run by it and checked that one too just to make sure, if it was damaged. We were extraordinarily pleased because he took the time to help us with color of the shingle because the house was a white stoned house with a blue trim and the shingles that he picked out has a hint of like blue and gray. It looks beautiful. He really did a good job. We had a tenant in our other house at one time when we had that roof put on and if the tenant would call me and there was a leak, we called him right out there on that same day and look at it. He was really prompt with it.

Dave from Carmel, IN
Service Performed: 2/15/14

We had a hail-damaged roof, guttering and screens. John Peters came out to give us an estimate, and we were immediately impressed with the products he used. Superior underlayment, copper-infused shingles, ice-dam edging around guttering. I had prepared a list of items I wanted included in the job, and John covered all of them without my asking any questions. John is very easy to talk to and made sure all items were covered. He agreed to do the job for the amount of my insurance settlement with no add-ons. He scheduled the work for 2 weeks out. All materials were delivered prior to beginning work. They showed up at 6:00 A.M. and worked until after 9:00 P.M. in order to get the roofing mostly done in a single day. The guttering and screen repair people showed up. The next day. All work was completed in 2 days. Clean-up was also very thorough. Several of our neighbors chose John's company to repair their roofs after they saw the very professional installation at our house. We are very satisfied with the completed work, and would not hesitate to call them again for any roofing repairs.

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